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AR Motorsports was born over a decade ago in Vancouver, BC where our goal was to deliver quality wraps and films for clients. Fast forward to current day, our team consists of technician and designers with over 40 years of experience. We take great pride in the precision of our work and the quality we deliver. Beyond visual changes, we're proud to offer performance and cosmetic upgrade to become your next one stop shop.


Experts for you

Our team here at AR Motorsports consists of automotive experts and technicians that boasts a wealth of experience in the industry. With years of hands-on involvement and a passion for automobiles, our technicians bring a deep understanding of vehicle upgrades, diagnostics, and maintenance to every project they undertake. Their dedication to staying up to date of the latest advancements in automotive technology ensures that they can tackle even the most complex challenges with confidence and precision. Rest assured, when you entrust your vehicle to our capable team, you can expect nothing short of exceptional service and results.

Life's too short to drive a boring car

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We go the extra-mile to make sure that your car is exactly what you expect it to be. Check out some of our projects below!

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